A few interesting facts about e-commerce in 2018

During recent years when talking about business and selling, it’s impossible to pass away the e-commerce and sales done over the web. That’s why we’ve picked for you below some interesting facts related to e-commerce and selling online in 2018, which are worth thinking about and even to plan working on some optimizations according to them.
72% of the e-commerce traffic comes from mobile devicesAlthough there were so many discussions and information recently, there are still many online shops, which aren’t mobile friendly and optimized for mobile devices. If that’s the case also for your online store, it’s definitely time to take measures and plan the necessary updates.
87% of the online shopping users perceive the detailed product description as really important
The reason for that is that it’s much easier to make a choice based on description that is able to dispel even the smallest doubts the potential buyer might have. A nice photo with few attractive sentences is just not enough and doesn’t motivate the buyers unless they rely solely on the visual characteristics of the product.

69% of the online buyers time is spent on the left side of the web pages
That’s actually an interesting fact, which should make you think to reorganize the content of your online store and if necessary move more of your product content and important information to the left
88% of the online purchases were made due to good online reviews
You may think about it – if a friend of yours recommends you some product you may need, would you take a decision based his recommendation? Well, on the Internet, not everyone is your friend, but if you read a large number of negative reviews and feedback about a product, this will undoubtedly have an effect about your decision to buy it.

85% of the online buyers zoom the product photos prior to purchasing it
No matter the type of the product, seeing it in details is very important for the customers, so it’s important to think about having an easy to use zoom functionality and quality product photos
If you found any of these advises useful, take your time to analyze your online store and plan any improvements you may work on in order to improve your users experience.

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