Some new interesting facts about SEO, which may surprise you

Some new interesting facts about SEO, which may surprise you

The SEO is an important part of every digital marketing strategy and no matter if you are familiar with SEO or just a beginner, we prepared below some new interesting facts, which you may not know and could surprise you.
If you have a video on your site’s home page, this can double the chances of getting to the first page of GoogleThink about what YouTube has achieved in the past year – the most popular video sharing site ranks second between the search engines. And indeed if we check the statistics many of the users like video and prefer the video content and according to some recent surveys, videos have a 41% higher CTR than texts. Just think about what will happen in the SEO aspect if you integrate a YouTube video on your home, keeping in mind that YouTube is actually owned by Google …
Google+ is one of the highest social ranking factors
No matter that it’s still not that popular like Facebook, you shouldn’t consider excluding your Google+ page from your digital marketing strategy. Keep in mind that interactions on the Google+ network directly affect Google search rankings and this help to increase the organic traffic to your site.

Not all search engines use links as a ranking factor
Yandex for example – the most popular search engine in Russia, is among the search engines, which do not include the links in their ranking algorithms. In the future it’s considered that the importance of the links as a ranking factor will decrease or will be excluded at all in more search engines.

Google will rank the events based on their popularity
The reason for such a decision will be the fact that that many different events are taking place in a given region over a specific period of time, making it difficult for consumers to choose from. Such ranking algorithm will help the users to find the most appropriate event.

Only 2 of the 10 most popular web sites on the web are content-related
According to the ласт year’s ranking, the most popular platforms and websites in the world web are: Google, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo, Amazon, Wikipedia, Twitter, Bing, eBay and MSN. If we check them closer, we could find that only Wikipedia and YouTube are content-oriented – the others do not exclude content, but they are like a channel for information than rather than providing it in the traditional way

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