Have you ever lost your phone? A new phone tracking services is now available in Nigeria

Let’s be honest, 9 out of every 10 persons have been a victim of phone theft or know someone that has been a victim. I’ve actually lost a smartphone before and I know how it feels.

You get that sad shallow feeling in your heart as you remember how you could have prevented the phone from getting missing and those your pictures; yes those ones that seemed so cool that they’ll get 200+ comments .

The one that’s even more painful, is if it’s a phone of almost N100k and your contacts weren’t even backed up. You lost the contact of that new babe you were trying to spin all these weeks and she finally gave you her number.

I believe you’ve been in that position before so  let me go straight to how you can track your phone in Nigeria when it gets missing. Unlike Apple’s iCloud lock that protects their smartphones whenever it gets missing the only available tracking service that is available by default for all android smartphones is Google’s find my device feature which only locates your device in the last location it was last online.

You cannot remotely wipe your device with the feature if your phone is offline so the feauture becomes almost practically useless in most cases and tracking your phone in Nigeria with it becomes practically impossible.

PINS Solutions is a mobile tracking service tailored specifically for tracking devices within Nigeria and they work hand in hand with Telecom Companies and law enforcement agencies to make sure you are able to track your device.

Here’s a run down of  feautures of the PINs App –

Pin intruder:

  • Captures photo of an intruder holding your device when an incorrect PIN, password or pattern is entered and emails it to you. 
  • Get an instant email notification showing you the time and address of where the lost or stolen phone is

Find my phone 

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  • This feature shows you the exact location of lost or stolen mobile phone
  • Show you history location of the missing device
  • Real track live tracking of the missing device (you will see the phone move from one location to another and the dashboard)

Data protection

  • Backs up the contact and pictures on your mobile phone 
  • Restore your pictures and contact in case your mobile phone gets lost and stolen 
  • Remote wipe 
  • Remotely erase your data on your lost or stolen mobile device before it gets into the wrong hands 
  • Sim tracking 
  • Get an instant email alert whenever a new sim card is inserted into your lost or stolen mobile phone. It also sends you a text message telling you the date and time of the change, unique number associated with the Sim card, and the sim carrier information which enables you to know the network provider of the new Sim card inserted in your mobile device. 

Phone diagnosis

  • PINS app remotely evaluates the full functionality of your mobile phone.
  • It tests every individual hardware component of your mobile phone even at the comfort of your home.

Recovery service

  • If your mobile phone gets lost or stolen, PINS will follow it. PINS gathers and provides you the recovery information required to your lost or stolen phone back. 
  • If you are unable to recover the phone yourself, PINs have a service that will provide you support. Their recovery team is dedicated and trained to work in collaboration with the Law Enforcement Agent to recover any mobile device flagged lost or stolen by the Pins App.

That’s basically how the PIN’s app works. 

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