Some facts about Facebook and its power like marketing instrument

There is no doubt that Facebook is one of the most popular and influential social media that connects people all around the world.
Nowadays, without any hesitation, we can say that besides being one of the most successful tools for communicating and sharing stories with friends and family, this social media has become also an indispensable marketing and business tool.
We gathered below some interesting facts and figures that could convince you of Facebook’s performance, so you could consider it when expanding your digital marketing strategy and online business:
– According to a research, nearly 80% of people who “like” a particular product on Facebook then buy it

– Some 20% of people buy different products online by clicking on Facebook ads

– Big companies such as Apple think of a client being more valuable if he has a Facebook page compared to another who does not. The reason is that this client has a connection with a larger audience and can recommend this product to them, playing the role of the company’s mini ambassador. 

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– There are countless Facebook pages dedicated to different brands, stores, online business companies, small, independent businesses, and more. These pages increase the number of fans by using various promotional techniques such as games, competitions, attractive offers and discounts. This is useful not only for promoting the business, but also for creating a true group of clients.
– About 75% of people who “like” the product will recommend it to their friends by “sharing” the Facebook page.
– A large number of smaller businesses use Facebook to promote their products. This helps them reach a wider audience almost for free. Social media is an extremely important business tool … photos, descriptions, clips – all can be uploaded and shared on Facebook. It is also useful as you can get feedback and customer feedback. With such a variety of benefits, it is no coincidence that over 86% of people think that Facebook is an important marketing tool that should not be overlooked.
– It is increasingly common for customers to share on their wall a product or service they are happy with.
– Over $4 billion is Facebook’s entire profit from advertising products and services. This figure is expected to increase.

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