12 Reasons Why You Should Use Instagram for Business

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12 Reasons Why You Should Use Instagram for Business


Instagram is a very popular social networking tool for sharing photos and videos. Users may publish photo or video posts; ephemeral Stories that last 24 hours on your profile; Reels, which are 15-second-max short-form movies; IGTV videos; and even purchase straight from e-commerce firms using the app.

Instagram is owned by Facebook and has over one billion active users.

If you still need convincing to join, consider these 12 reasons why Instagram is growing in popularity and how your business might profit.

  1. Instagram is becoming more popular.
    Instagram claims that its social media presence now has over 1 billion active users. Over 500 million of those millions of individuals use the platform on a daily basis.

There is no limit to the success a firm can achieve with a focused Instagram strategy with that many accessible eyeballs.

  1. Any size company can prosper.
    With so many consumers to select from, Instagram is a vital platform for businesses. This applies to both major, well-known corporations and tiny mom and pop stores and individuals.

Of course, even the most well-known firms will not achieve instant success, but if a marketing team wants to put their organization on the map, Instagram can assist.

Businesses may increase brand recognition and reach their target audience by having an active presence and posting at least once every day. This is how well-known brands such as Coca-Cola and Adidas operate.

  1. Businesses may directly profit from Instagram.
    Instagram has grown over time to allow for on-platform e-commerce sales. There is a larger emphasis nowadays on generating money through product placement. The Shop option, which is prominently displayed on Instagram’s home dock, allows users to find and purchase from companies directly through Instagram. Instagram now allows companies to add tags to the goods in their images with links that contain a product description, price, and the option to “purchase now,” which will take the user to your online store.
    With these services, it is simple for a company to generate genuine revenue from their website. A remarkable 72% of Instagram users reported purchasing things using the social media platform.
  1. Stories make your company more relatable. Instagram is an excellent approach to demonstrate to potential clients that you are more than a faceless organization. This may be accomplished through a variety of app features, but live postings and stories stand out. The greatest method to use live stories is to reveal behind-the-scenes glimpses into your firm and its employees. Films that explain how items are created, videos of office personnel engaging with one another, and live Q&A sessions between you and your audience are some examples. Instagram live postings are also a wonderful approach to establish connection, trust, and trustworthiness with followers while also demonstrating that your company has a human side.
  1. Hashtags can help you gain visibility. You may be scared by the competition as a new business on the street, but with the right hashtags, you can differentiate your firm from the pack. Popular Instagram hashtags like Coca-#ShareaCoke, Cola’s Charmin’s #TweetFromTheSeat, and Calvin Klein’s #MyCalvins have shaken the industry, creating pop culture pillars that have made these well-known brands even more identifiable. You may not be Coke or Charmin, but good hashtag use may help you stand out from the throng.
  1. Mobility reigns supreme. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, which began as browser-based services, Instagram was designed from the beginning to be an app. Because apps account for 90% of mobile time, your organization should take advantage of this and make your postings available to readers wherever they go. Smartphone users like Instagram since it has a cleaner aesthetic than Facebook’s crowded look, and with interaction on Instagram being 10 times greater than on Facebook, you’ll want to jump on board.
  1. It provides several opportunities for creativity. The inventiveness provided by the photo-sharing software is a significant advantage. Your marketing team may go crazy on Instagram, coming up with fresh strategies to attract attention, followers, and new consumers. Show the audience that your business has personality and that it’s fun to purchase with you by using contests, shoutouts, vibrant graphics, interactive films, and other elements.

8. Reach new consumers through Instagram advertisements.

With Instagram ads, you can reach new customers and extend your reach with customizable, trackable advertisements. You can target specific demographics, link to your website and collect valuable user data that can help inform your other social media marketing campaigns.

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